“Manual Testing is the only backbone in Testing!!
Manual testing is the base of automation and most powerful weapon to qualify your product at its best.And every Tester has unique mindset and they will test at their unique way. That only comes from Manual Testing.


Manual Testing Workflow

JSbot, A Leading software testing Company, has been a strategic partner of the many organizations. We have helped them to improve product quality by design and Implement the QA environment and process. We have expertise in Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing, Exploratory Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, API Testing and more. We specialize in extensive communication to carried out Tesing and implementing testing procedures in agile methodology

First and foremost phase before development or before Testing, That is requirement understanding.

Once requirements are clearly understood, It’s time to create test plan and strategies to implement to test particular product.

The more Test Cases, The more quality coverage, It’s our best practices writing maximum test cases to cover the whole system.

Implement Test Cases manually and verify it’s functionality.

If the system is falling in unexpected state against its workflow, It’s nothing but the bug. Bug logging is necessary as it will help the developer to resolve that issue.

You will be given 24*7 lifelong maintenance service.



Test Planning & Test case Writing
Implementing Proper test procedure and more test case coverage will ensure higher Product Quality
Functional Testing
Our services help software vendors and business software users assure that their software is functionally perfect.We begin with an assessment of your application/product objectives and lay out a clearly defined implementation plan for aligning functional testing objectives.
UI/UX & Compatibility Testing
Modern days many numbers of browser are available in market and it is so important that your web application is looks perfectly on all Modern browser. Jsbot’s Approach to cross browser testing ensures that your web application works correctly across different web browsers.
Exploratory Testing
JSbot's exploratory testing approach will ensure the maximum bug finding with the Minimum time and efforts
Regression Testing
Now a Days user’s need are more dynamic than ever.Development teams have to ensure these changes without any disruptions to the existing production environment. JSbot’s systematic approach to Regression Testing ensures minimum disruption while keeping costs under control.

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